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In the Air Tonight

  • $ 3000

Michael Jordan built a legacy by defying air-logic and winning more than just championships. Flying high above Chicago and all other NBA stars, making him the greatest basketball player to lace them up. The original was painted on 30" x 40" canvas with acrylics and finished in August of 2020.

Paper prints are on 100 lbs. cougar white archival paper and hand signed by the artist in an open-ended edition.

Wood print is hand made by the artist using a flat print mounted to 1/2" wood technique.  Hand painted gel texture is applied to seal the print to the wood and create a UV protection.  Ready to hang with no frame needed.  Only one size wood print is available.

Canvas prints have hand painted acrylic details and gel texture added.  Canvas material is wrapped on 1-1/2" wooden frame with a dark brown faux wood finish on the sides.  Canvas is an open-ended edition with artist signature and date on back.  Each canvas has wire installed on the back for easy hanging.

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